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A beautiful property situated in the heart of the Cotswolds. Renovated from the ground up to an incredible specification.


Audio streaming allows our client to select from various audio sources and listen to different music in different areas around the home and grounds. The multi room audio system is controlled with the incredible Sonos music system. The hardwired ethernet network ensures Sonos runs without a hiccup and responds instantly to commands. The Wi-Fi network enables effotless access to the audio system in each and every room in the house.

A combination of in-ceiling and discreete oak beam mounted cube speakers are used to to deliver a beautiful sound whilst meshing with with the interior design.

The multi room audio installation covered 11 zones inc Dining room, Lounge, Kitchen, Bathrooms and Bedrooms. The wireless audio system can be combined into a single zone, this allows the whole home to be controlled with one action. Listen to a single track with varying zone volumes all controlled with a master volume. Ideal for entertaining a large number of guests, some areas for background audio and others for that party atmosphere.


The client wanted to use all the space possible to create a beautiful home. This meant we had to come up with ingenious spaces to locate the hardware for this system. Sonos units, the router for Network communication and TV Distribution all had to be spread around the home making use of the leftover spaces. The result is a fully fledged home network and multi room audio installation without the need for a dedicated room and hardware rack. A tough installation which required planning and precision.


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