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Our clients are big movie fans with lots of friends. They wanted to create a space that they could enjoy movie to their fullest.


This Cinema room includes a high quality speaker system from Monitor Audio. These were chosen for thier oustanding audio performance and acoustic capabilities. An Onkyo AV Receiver was used to both power and process the audio. All equipment was hidden in the low level cabinet for a sleek and modern look. 

The 126" Projector Screen allows the incredible image displayed from the Epson Projector. At the seating distance this was the perfect combination for this home cinema installation.

The cinema room has access to high definition content from a Sky+ HD box, AppleTV and Blu-ray disc player. This gives maximum flexibility for watching pre-programmed contect, recordings or streaming the clients faviorate content.

All controlled with a single hand held remote or the iPad minning runnig the controllers app. Both are quick, simple and easy to operate.


After the initial design and specification process the client asked if we could work directly with the builder and first fix ourselves. This allowed us ensure suitable fixings were provided and supplied in exactly teh right place to ensure a smooth and faultless delivery of the home cinema.

The plasterboard wall and metal sub frame were materials to help with sound suppression and acoustic performance by absorbing unwanted frequencies that cause reverberation. This must be controlled in order to preserve the natural clarity, imaging and surround sound localisation.


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